A Teenager’s Perspective

My mum turned to me in the car the other day and announced that she was going to start a blog, my general thoughts were “Fair enough, she’s done weirder things.” and “Didn’t I start a blog once and forget about it…?” I wasn’t surprised, she’d been sugar free for months now, alcohol free for a month longer than that and began exercising several years before that (honestly I think she’s a bit obsessed). Mum then proceeded to tell me she wanted me to write on the blog too, a ghost writer she said (I decided not to inform her that a ghost writer is something else entirely), but never the less here I am sitting on a sofa in my dads office, next to my mum, writing a blog post.

My Mum going sugar free didn’t really effect me a first, the only change was the lack of sugar in my dinner, which I rarely notice, (And her constant babbling about the ‘science of sugar’ but that’s beside the point) However about a week ago as my older brother (brother #2) was helping his self to a glass of (my) lemonade, mum asked a seemingly innocent question: “How much fizzy juice is there left?” I remained silent because recently I had been unconsciously drinking only water.
“This is the last of it.” Brother #2 answered. I wasn’t too happy about that. He doesn’t even like lemonade, but since he’d finished all his Irn Bru he was going after my fizzy juice.
“Well I’m not buying anymore.” Mum replied almost smugly.

If I had had water in my mouth at that moment I would have done a spit take (Not because I’m particularly bothered about this but because I’m a drama queen). Her and dad had already restricted our fizzy juice consumption to weekends only, now it’s not allowed in the house at all (we can still have it at restaurants and other peoples houses though).

Fortunately for me I have this (Not so) wonderful thing called Brother #1. He is wonderful because he lives at home 15% of the time, and when he is home all rules regarding everyone bar mum go out the window . This is because Brother #1 is some what a food consuming machine, and we have to stock the house with all his favourite foods and snacks to prevent him from eating the soft furnishings. (my mum would just like to point out that this loop hole will soon be closed).

This is where I’m going conclude my first post, coming soon: a list of things I am being denied. Despite my sarcastic tone in the post and my complains I’m actually very proud of my mum (I would be more proud if she didn’t keep teasing me about us having to swap clothes in the near future). I also know that she is just trying to protect me from diabetes and heart disease but because I am a typical 14 year old girl I just enjoy a good rant.

~ The Youngest.


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