Books that explained it all.

Although I never used my science degree once I left university – it has very much shaped how I view the world – and I still proudly consider myself a geek, albeit one with hippy tendencies. Articles I saw online about brown fat (remind me to post about cold showers and brown fat activation) and TV programs on the science of diets had me transfixed. Following a link one day in early February, I came across a recommendation for a book written by a biochemist about the science of fat – all in an attempt to understand her own battle with weight. It really got my brain going – the biological basis for behaviour had been one of my favourite subjects, it makes so much sense. The book is littered with scientific references and case studies that illustrated the main points.

  • Fat protects itself,
  • Fat cells communicate
  • Fat listens
  • there is more to fat than what you eat,
  • there are viruses that can cause a change in how we store fat,
  • women store fat differently than men
  • an individuals gut bacteria differ and can influence their behaviour
  • our genes affect our fat


Many of the case studies in the Sylvia’s book mentioned hormones and their role in cause and cure – and this prompted me to find a book written by a specialist – a scientist whose focus and training was hormones – an endocrinologist. “Fat Chance: the hidden truth about sugar” by Dr Robert Lustig. Again a book with science references, case studies and, for me, explanations. I recognised some of my own issues – and it really convinced me that for me – Sugar Free was the solution. One of the blinding revelations for me was that sugar is processed differently in the body. It converts straight to fat and the rise in obesity can be directly correlated with the rise of sugar intake.

  • Fat v sugar
  • a calorie isn’t just a calorie for everyone,
  • Gluttony & sloth – behaviours driven by hormones
  • Food addiction
  • Stress & comfort food
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • The toxic environment
  • Altering your food & hormonal environment

This book really explained the influences – and suggested a multi-pronged attack to tackle weight loss. Remove sugar to alleviate insulin insensitivity and allow your body to hear the hunger & satiety hormones at work & use relaxation techniques & exercise to reduce the stress hormone cortisol which in turn reduces cravings and helps with insulin control. Reverse the vicious cycle and let your body work for you rather than against you. An epiphany!

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