Tapenade – nom nom nom!

Going Sugar Free has meant I have given up lots of the foods I would ordinarily snack on – and when I do snack, I really want a punch of flavour. Something to make your tastebuds feel like they’ve been exercised….not just a bland sop to hunger – but a taste sensation. I add chilli flakes & seeds to my salads, cinnamon and seeds to my porridge – but the absolute winner for me was tapenade. A spread/dip made of olives & sun-dried tomatoes, it goes really well on oatcakes (sugar free ones are easy to pick up at supermarkets -Nairns or own brand) or with flat breads (again Sugar Free available – just check the ingredients list) and even better – takes minutes to whizz up – from store cupboard ingredients. So no excuse to reach for less healthy snacks!


  • A cup of pitted black olives
  • 3/4 cup of sun dried tomatoes
  • 1 teaspoon capers
  • Salt & pepper 
  • Optional additions of a garlic glove and/or a sprinkling of chilli flakes

Put all ingredients in a bowl and whizz with hand blender. 

Simples! I don’t often measure things – so it’s never quite the same twice – still lush though! Store in fridge in airtight container – keeps for at least a week.

Add a big jar of black olives in brine, similar jar of sundried tomatoes in olive oil & wee jar of capers to your shopping list – and you have all you need in your cupboards to create the basis of a really tasty, satisfying snack. Even better, the rest of the family quite like it – and everyone who has tasted it has really enjoyed it. A winner! 

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