Why do we think it’s going to be hard?

I have battled with being overweight all my adult life. Looking back my resistance to changing my eating patterns mimic my reluctance to give up smoking….for the same reasons. My biggest issue with food – was my addiction to sugar….and make no mistake….sugar has been proven to be more addictive than cocaine. Like any addiction the fear of giving up the drug is sometimes what stops us trying.

Family reunion….

The lifestyle of Brits living abroad is very social….a half bottle of wine is often included in the price of a “menu del dia” – as is a sugar laden pudding and an alcoholic shot to finish the meal. Many of the people I met, insisted that “they don’t drink much”….but acknowledged that it was almost impossible to resist the wine that came as part of the meal….or the complimentary Baileys that landed at your seat without having to ask. This habit of drinking without conscious thought is something I hope to break with my year off alcohol.